India’s chemical industry is extremely diversified and can be broadly classified into bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and fertilisers. Chemical & allied sector in India is poised for a phase of remarkable growth because of policies like the ‘Make in India’ campaign and higher limits on FDI in various sectors. The government is opening up the economy and attracting larger investments. These investments are largely aimed at improving manufacturing and setting up collateral industries in India. The rapid transformation will see consolidation in the market and an array of Greenfield projects across sectors, the demand for the skilled workforce is set to rise exponentially.

Hikaho, our consultants are industry experts who have core understanding of industry across functions. They understand the ever-changing challenges of talent acquisition in this progressively complex environment. We have helped our clients in this sector recruit over 100 professionals in India two year in Greenfield, Brown field and commission and other functional hiring’s.